Hi. I'm Christopher Aedo.

I am a tactical technologist, and I try my best to be an earnest human.

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VP of Software Engineering

I'm an empathetic and people-first Technology Executive, dedicated to fostering a safe, inclusive environment that drives curiosity, candor, and continuous learning. Recognized for my ability to structure and align teams, accelerate delivery timelines and establish transparent product roadmaps. I take a product-led engineering approach with a strong capacity for strategic decision making, tactical planning, and closing customer deals. Proud to lead with kindness, leveraging comprehensive insight from across the organization to improve inter-departmental cooperation and strategic direction.

Software Engineering Leadership
Strategic Planning
Team Collaboration
Mentorship and Hiring
Performance Evaluation & Optimization
Agile Development
Process Optimization
Keynote Speaker

Config and Infrastructure as Code
Cloud Computing
Kubernetes, Docker
Infrastructure Deployment, CI/CD
Process Optimization
AWS, Azure, GCP

Places I've worked, things I've done

Developer Advocacy Program Manager


Chief Technology Officer


Volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocate


Let me solve your problems.

Email: chris@aedo.dev

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